At SBC we are strength athlete friendly and dedicated. We were motivated to expand because not many of us have access to train in gyms that have the kind of equipment that strongman training necessitates. Now you can!

Only barbell club in the immediate area! Need to slam a weight every once and a while? Do you sometimes GRUNT too loudly? Need chalk? It’s ok, you will be amongst friends here; in fact, we might just encourage it. If you get your kicks lifting heavy objects or aspire to test your limits, look no further. We are a highly functional and progressive strength and conditioning facility specially equipped to harbor not only any athlete, but more specifically, any strength athlete.

Limited memberships. Contact us now to see what all the hype is about.

Everything you need to get stronger, faster, and more powerful for your next competition or just because:


  •  Texas Strength competition combo rack x 2
  • Power/Squat racks x 10
  • Steel Calibrated Kilo Plates
  • Lifting Platforms x 10
  • Westside Barbell Bench/w Fatpad x 2
  • Bands/Chains
  • Safety Squat bar
  • Power bars
  • Texas bars
  • Coaching/Program Design Available *


  • Mike Bartos log/Various other Log Bars
  • Mike Bartos farmer & frame/Various other Farmer Handles
  • Mike Bartos SOS/Various concrete Atlas Stones
  • Mike Bartos KOS/Various other weighted Kegs
  • Mike Bartos Circus Dumbbell/Various other circus dumbbell
  • Power Block/Various other concrete Blocks
  • Stone loading platforms adjustable and Series
  • 60′ of Turf for moving events
  • Axel Bars
  • Sand bags
  • Wagon wheels/Hummer tires (deadlifting)
  • Car Deadlift
  • Fingal Fingers
  • Outdoor Access for moving events
  • Yokes x 2
  • Coaching/Program Design Available *

Olympic Weightlifting

  • Oly bars (male and female)
  • Jerk Blocks
  • Kilo Bumper Plates
  • Olympic Platforms x4
  • Coaching/Program Design Available *

GHDs Reverse Hyper

    Multi grip bars
    Camber bars

Tractor Tire (450lbs)

    Medicine Balls (6-30lbs)
    Plyo boxes

High Low cable machineRowers x 2

Belt Squat 
  • Sledgehammers